“Crystal Lake” – A24 Has NOT Pulled the Plug on Their ‘Friday the 13th’ TV Series [Exclusive]

Can you believe it’s now been 15 YEARS since we last saw Jason Voorhees on the screen? In the wake of several years’ worth of legal troubles, the Voorhees family was finally set to return in a new Friday the 13th television series from A24Peacock and Bryan Fuller (“Hannibal”) titled “Crystal Lake,” but a report this week has cast doubt on the show happening at all.

Jeff Sneider reported in his newsletter The Insneider late last night that A24 has “pulled the plug” on the “Crystal Lake” series, which was due to begin filming sometime this year.

Sneider writes in last night’s exclusive report, “It’s unclear whether this is a permanent decision or a temporary one, as A24 had no comment. Perhaps Peacock will help the trades shed more light on this project, which was announced back in 2022.”

According to Bloody Disgusting’s sources, A24 has NOT killed off “Crystal Lake” at this time. We have confirmed the show is still happening, but there is indeed some retooling of the project happening behind the scenes. We’re digging for more info. Stay tuned.

Peacock had given the project a straight-to-series order in 2022, with “Crystal Lake” being described as an “expanded prequel” to the original Friday the 13th franchise featuring both Jason Voorhees and his mother, Pamela Voorhees. Original Friday the 13th final girl Adrienne King had even signed on for a recurring role in the planned A24 television series.

Bryan Fuller was to serve as writer, showrunner and executive producer, with Victor Miller (who penned the original classic) producing with Marc Toberoff, Rob Barsamian, and A24.

Kevin Williamson (Scream, Sick) was on board to write an episode, last we heard.

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