‘Condemned: Criminal Origins’-Inspired Lo-Fi Horror FPS ‘CONCRETE VISIONS’ Now Available [Trailer]

Any time a game that cites Condemned: Criminal Origins as an inspiration is worth checking out. Case in point: DOSMan Games and publisher VoxPop today have released their lo-fi psychological thriller, CONCRETE VISIONS to Steam, which borrows heavily from games such as the aforementioned Condemned: Criminal Origins, along with Quantic Dream’s Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.

Focusing on melee combat and environmental exploration, CONCRETE VISIONS centres on the town of Stonebrook, which thanks to its residents having mysteriously disappeared, is now deserted. All that remains are the junkies, dregs, and scum of the town, headed up by their cult-like leader, Malone. And they’re all on your tail. You’ll need to fight your way through the cold streets and wild overgrowth on a quest for answers, safety, and freedom.

You’ve got the bare essentials to fight back against your foes. Along with your fists, you can also grab things like bottles, lead pipes and knives. You can also find revolvers and shotguns, but seeing as ammo is scarce, you’ll need to spend your shots wisely.

Featuring a throwback PS1-styled aesthetic, CONCRETE VISIONS “aims to combine a disturbing photo sourced lo-fi atmosphere with fresh, unique mechanics to create an endlessly replayable gameplay experience for retro FPS fans.”

Along with the release of the game, VoxPop has provided a handy “Tips & Tricks” video to help you survive in CONCRETE VISIONS.

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