Chucky Will Be a Special Guest for NXT’s ‘Halloween Havoc’ Event Next Week! [Video]

The former WCW event “Halloween Havoc” made its return last year with an NXT-branded event from WWE, and this year the Havoc is back with a very, very special guest.

Teased during Monday Night Raw last night, this year’s NXT “Halloween Havoc” will feature a guest appearance from Chucky, a cross-promotion with the new USA/SYFY series!

“Halloween Havoc” airs on Tuesday, October 26, only on USA.

Check out a short little teaser video below. And in case you missed it, head back to last week where Chucky made a special appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw!

WCW’s “Halloween Havoc” was an annual event from 1989 through 2000, marked by a special Halloween-themed entrance stage as well as horror-themed matches and skits.

The event’s most infamous match was the “Chamber of Horrors” match in 1991, wherein Abdullah the Butcher was “electrocuted” via electric chair inside a steel cage.