‘Child’s Play 3’ Is Kind of a Stroll Through Bummerville [Halloweenies Podcast]

Look who’s stalking! You guessed it: Chucky. In August of 1991, the foul-mouthed Good Guy returned less than a year after the release of Child’s Play 2. Nine months! So, why the quick turnaround? That’s a good question, and one the Halloweenies spend plenty of time with as they continue their coverage of the franchise with Child’s Play 3.

Head to Kent Military Academy with the gang, where they chew on director Jack Bender‘s incredible TV resume, the state of Universal in the early ’90s, the curious time jump in the narrative, the need for Andy in this story, the composers behind the score, Don Mancini’s original concepts, and why Brad Dourif will never let us down when he’s pissed off.

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