Check Out These Four Fan-Made Slasher Franchise Video Games in the Retro NES Style [Trailer]

With no recent news on that rumoured new Friday The 13th game, what are fans to do? Well, if you’re like indie developer Steve McCall, you make your own. Not only that, but you take your existing game, along with other slasher games that you’ve made, and you demake it into the style of an NES game.

The story goes that McCall had created four games a few decades ago where you play as one of four iconic slashers: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Candyman. The four games—Friday The 13th: Return to Camp Blood, Halloween: October 31st, A Nightmare on Elm Street: Son of a Hundred Maniacs, and Candyman: Be My Victim—were developed for what he referred to as “archaic computers”, and feature simplified controls.

Really though, when you’re playing as one of horror’s favourite slashers, do you really need complicated controls?

Anyway, back in 2020, McCall learned how to use 6502 programming language, which is the same programming language for the NES. Once he got the hang of things, he demade all four of his slasher games for the NES, making them able to be played on emulators & flash carts!

Steve even managed to get ahold of the likes of Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Nick Castle and Tony Todd to get their thoughts on his work.

Over on McCall’s page for the games, you can find the original versions, as well as the NES demakes. All of the games have bonus levels, secrets, and “a few twists”. You can find out more on those by visiting the respective page for each game.

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