“Chapter 3: Deep Sleep” for ‘Poppy Playtime’ Coming Next Month

MOB Games has announced that its third chapter for Poppy Playtime, titled “Deep Sleep”, is on the way. After teasing fans for months, the chapter will be available on Steam this December, but pre-orders are available now.

“Chapter 3: Deep Sleep” will see players investigate a decrepit orphanage known as Playcare, which is situated beneath Playtime Co., the abandoned toy factory from the previous chapters. You must make your way through this haunted place, solving new puzzles and avoiding the nightmares that lurk within the dark. You still have your trusty GrabPack, which now has new hand attachments that allow players to explore in new and creative ways.

“We want our loyal fans to know we hear them and we are just as excited to bring them a new journey in the next Chapter.” said Zach Belanger, Co-founder and CEO of Mob Entertainment. “Fans can expect ‘Chapter 3’ to be the scariest and longest playing chapter of the Poppy Playtime anthology to date.”

“It’s been incredibly exciting to see how much Huggy Wuggy has resonated with fans, and we can’t wait to unveil new creepy characters that will captivate their imaginations even further,” said Seth Belanger, Co-founder and CCO of Mob Entertainment. “Not only will fans experience a brand-new adventure, but we’re also introducing new characters, new villains and enhanced graphics to make the Poppy Playtime gaming experience something they’ve never seen before.”

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on an update to the news that Poppy Playtime is getting a film adaptation, courtesy of Studio71. Reportedly, Studio71 and MOB Games were looking to bring on board producer Roy Lee (It, Doctor Sleep, The Grudge, Salem’s Lot).

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