6 Edgar Allan Poe Adaptations to Watch After Netflix’s ‘House of Usher’

Edgar Allan Poe may have enjoyed some amount of popularity during his lifetime, but he certainly could not have predicted just how influential his writing would become in the ensuing years. Even over two centuries later, we’re still seeing reverential homages to his work in modern media, and that’s not even including the immeasurable impact […]

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From Ghoul to Grinch: Five Essential Boris Karloff Roles Beyond the Monster

In Universal’s Frankenstein, Boris Karloff’s breakthrough role as the Monster kickstarted his ascension into one of cinema’s greatest horror icons. The upcoming documentary Boris Karloff: The Man Behind The Monster will celebrate his legacy. Directed by Thomas Hamilton, the documentary seeks to unlock the mystery at the heart of Boris Karloff, digging into the late actor’s life and […]

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Requiem for a Vampire: Remembering Bela Lugosi 65 Years After His Passing

The voice, the gestures, and those eyes. Few actors in the history of cinema are so instantly recognizable as Bela Lugosi or have had such an effect on the collective imagination. Though best known for his inescapable portrayal of Dracula on stage and screen, Lugosi’s career is long and varied. From the heights of fame […]

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