‘Bioshock: Infinite’ is 10! [Safe Room Podcast]

It’s Bioshock Infinite on Safe Room this week, but be sure to check out our look at a selection of bite-sized horror games in the March edition of Horror Bytes. Few franchises have cemented themselves into the pantheon of spiritual successors that expand upon their influences with such staggering visual and thematic language as Bioshock […]

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[Watch] Check Out This ‘BioShock Infinite’ “Demake” Made in The Style of The SNES

It may be a while before we hear more about that BioShock sequel currently in production, so leave it to fans to tide us over. YouTuber 64-bits, who has done several parody videos, has come up with a little something for BioShock Infinite: a 16-bit “demake” video in the style of the Super Nintendo. The […]

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