Breaking Glass Pictures Hallucinates an Enormous ‘Blood-Red Ox’

Breaking Glass Pictures has snagged North American rights to Rodrigo Bellott’s horror thriller Blood-Red Ox, reports Variety.

In Blood-Red Ox…

A Lebanese-American journalist and his boyfriend travel to Bolivia where the trip takes a bizarre turn as one of them starts having strange visions and loses his mind over the presence of a giant blood-red ox. While trying to save his boyfriend from paranoia, the other one realizes nothing and nobody is to be trusted as he might be losing his mind too.

The film stars Mazin Akar and Kaolin Bass as the couple who descends into madness, with Andrea Camponovo in a supporting role.

“The film is my attempt to fall in love with storytelling and cinema, inspired by the work of Bergman and the early horror films of the 60s and 70s like Polanski and Argento,” Bellott previously stated. “It attempts to play with the essence of the genre while touching contemporary environmental themes and social issues around mental health.”

Bellott directed Bolivia’s Academy Award entries Sexual Dependency and Tu Me Manques, and was the producer behind Jim Mickle’s U.S. remake of Mexican horror hit We Are What We Are.

The pic was produced by Rodrigo A. Orozco, Bellott, Bass and Camponovo.

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