Bodycam Horror Game ‘Cursed Bet’ Sets July 12 Release on Steam [Trailer]

Back in April, Lightworker Games had released a gameplay trailer for their Bodycam horror title Cursed Bet, leaving prospective fans to wonder when the game would be released. It turns out that the release date is this Friday! Coinciding with a new trailer, Cursed Bet will release on Steam on July 12.

Much like the previous gameplay trailer, this new release date trailer offers up hints of what you’ll be doing in Cursed Bet. Namely, solving puzzles while exploring the school, trying to avoid a killer doll that’s hellbent on getting you acquainted with its knife.

In Cursed Bet, you play as Davin. Davin is told by his friends about an abandoned preschool where horrific events were said to have taken place. The story goes that a doll in the preschool was cursed, causing it to come to life and proceed to wreak havoc, resulting in the school being closed. The rumour is that the cursed doll is still there, and that bad things happen to those who enter the school.

Naturally, Davin doesn’t believe his friends, and enters the school on a dare, recording videos to prove them wrong. Unfortunately for Davin, the stories are very real, leaving him with a curse to break.

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