‘Blood’-Inspired Throwback Shooter ‘CULTIC’ by Jasozz Games Available Now [Trailer]

Fans of Jasozz Games’ Blood-inspired shooter CULTIC can finally get their hands on the first chapter of the game. Available now on Steam for $9.99, Chapter One also includes Survival Mode, a replayable wave-based mode inspired by Resident Evil 4‘s Mercenaries and Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor.

Revealed last year with plans for the game to head to consoles once all chapters on the PC version have been released, CULTIC is described as a “horror-flavored retro shooter, with a focus on tight gunplay, open-ended combat, and environmental interactivity.” The story sees you as a disgraced detective who dug too deeply into a string of grisly crimes. Rising from your grave for revenge against hatchet-wielding cultists, you’re armed with an arsenal of mid-century firearms and explosives. Set against fast-paced combat, you’ll be having to run, slide, and dodge your way to avoid dying all over again.

According to developer Jasozz Games’ brief FAQ, Chapter One of CULTIC contains 10 maps, which amounts to 3 to 5 hours of playtime. Chapter Two, which will finish up the story, is expected to be roughly the same length. There is a possibility for a multiplayer component for CULTIC, though this will be determined on the development timeline and player interest.

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