‘Black Mold’ Trailer – Award Winning Indie Horror Movie Debuts on Tubi This Week

Billed as a “hallucinogenic urban exploring horror movie,” John Pata’s Black Mold won Best Indie Feature at this year’s Panic Fest in the US, and it’s coming to Tubi this week.

Black Mold will exclusively debut on Tubi Thursday, December 7.

In the film, “Photographer Brooke (Agnes AlbrightTrue Detective) and her pal Tanner (Andrew Bailes) sneak into abandoned, off-limits buildings for the sake of their art and also the adrenaline rush. But when the daredevil pair break into their holy grail – Franklin Hill, a large facility with a history – they encounter a dangerously paranoid squatter (Jeremy HolmBrooklyn 45) who holds them captive.

“The longer their attacker keeps them there, the more it becomes clear there’s something else profoundly wrong with the place as dangers surface at the intersection of artistic pursuits and internal sabotage.”

This one comes from the producers of Brooklyn 45 and The Stylist.

Black Mold is a Head Trauma Production, in association with The Line Film Co. and Shatterglass Films. It was produced by Sarah Sharp, Jen Shelby, Robert Patrick Stern, and Iman Sharabash, with Jill Gevargizian, Tony Wash, and Kevin McGrail on-board as Co-Producers.

Meagan Navarro wrote in her mini-review out of Panic Fest, “In his feature debut, writer/director John Pata introduces the pitfalls of urban exploration. Pata uses psychological horror to exploit the protagonists’ worst fears. For Tanner, that leads to inspired jump-scare moments. For Brooke, it amounts to a slow-burn excavation of deep-seated childhood trauma.”

“Black Mold struggles to tie up its loose threads in a cohesive way, but Albright’s engaging performance retains rooting interest even when her arc can feel stretched thin,” Meagan’s review continues. “While its resolution may not wholly satisfy, the strong direction and execution ensure Black Mold provides compelling visual interest in this single-location thriller.”

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