Bethesda Adds “Base Ganymede” Add-on to ‘Doom’, ‘Doom II’ in Latest Update

We could always use more Doom in our lives. Thankfully, Bethesda is on the same page, and has done so by releasing a free megawad for its classic 1993 shooter. Titled “Base Ganymede”, this new add-on adds a new campaign to Doom consisting of a whopping 27 maps set on Jupiter’s largest moon.

Originally created by Adam ‘Khorus’ Woodmansey back in 2009 with the first episode and fully released in 2012, “Base Ganymede” consists of three episodes with nine levels each, and can actually be downloaded separately over at ModDB, if you so choose. The pack “sticks to vanilla limits”, so it can be enjoyed in Doom II as well as the original Doom.

“Base Ganymede” was well-received by the Doom community when it was released, snagging a Cacowards nod in 2012 from Doomworld. Paired with John Romero‘s spiritual successor to Doom in SIGIL (which is also available from the in-game add-ons list), and you have yourself enough classic Doom goodness to last for quite a while.

Doom and Doom II are available on Steam, as well as on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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