‘Beetlejuice: The Official Coloring Book’ from Artist Alan Robert Coming This Halloween!

Beetlejuice returns to the big screen this September in Tim Burton’s long awaited sequel Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, and an official coloring book for the first movie is also on the way.

The creator of the best-selling coloring book series The Beauty of Horror, Alan Robert intricately illustrates the most recognizable and beloved scenes of the ghost with the most from Tim Burton’s renowned 1988 film in Beetlejuice: The Official Coloring Book!

Beetlejuice: The Official Coloring Book is full of more than 60 pages of custom art, full of details ready to color, and it’s being released by Insight Editions on September 3, 2024.

“The brilliance of Beetlejuice made a giant impact on me as a teenager, and I’ve seen it a gazillion times since then, including recently with my own teenage daughter. I know every line by heart,” explains illustrator Alan Robert. “So to be able to bring the ‘ghost with the most’ alive for generations of coloring fans was a huge honor for me. I’ve included a ton of little details in there that die hard fans of the film will definitely appreciate!”

The mischievous world of Beetlejuice™ comes to life in Beetlejuice: The Official Coloring Book, ready to be colored! Alan Robert, renowned illustrator of The Beauty of Horror coloring book series, hand-draws rich, detailed illustrations that evoke the haunting spirit of the infamous bio-exorcist as he tempts the Maitlands, terrorizes Lydia Deetz and her family, counters Otho’s over-the-top hijinks, and highlights all the frights and sights revealed in the afterlife. With more than 60 pages of captivating illustrations from the cult classic film, fans can chant Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice: The Official Coloring Book to conjure up hours of strange and unusual fun among the recently deceased.

ICONIC SCENES: Color in Barbara and Adam’s adventures in the underworld, the Maitland’s exorcism, the Deetz’s Day-O dinner party, all of Betelgeuse’s haunting attractions, and more!

BEWITCHING ILLUSTRATIONS: Tim Burton’s afterlife scenes captured the audience’s imagination upon release in 1988, and now fans can color and explore those unforgettable settings!

OFFICIAL COLORING BOOK: Created in collaboration with Warner Bros!

You can pre-order your copy from Amazon now.

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