Apocalyptic Survival Game ‘Serum’ to Launch in Early Access on May 23 [Trailer]

Originally planned for release last year, Toplitz Productions’ upcoming survival adventure title Serum will instead launch in Early Access on Steam on May 23. The announcement comes alongside the release of a new cinematic trailer for the game per IGN. Serum will remain in Early Access for a period of “roughly twelve months”.

The new trailer features the game’s protagonist, Adam, who is described as a survivor and a patient of the E.V.A.S. Corporation. Adam finds himself stranded on the island of Matamis, where a catastrophic mutagen incident has occurred. Now, isolated and seeking answers, Adam must navigate his way through the aftermath of the disaster, with the actions of the E.V.A.S. Corporation looming large in the background.

As for the goal of the Early Access period, Toplitz states that they aim to create “a thrilling and engaging player experience,” while also continuing to “evolve core player features like crafting, tools, weapons and exploration.”

Serum‘s main game mechanic centres around the mysterious elixir (serum) that is crucial to your survival in an infected world, and a lifeline that has a curing effect of the Blight, a man-made catastrophic event caused by the E.V.A.S. Corporation that has devastated the world. Against the urgency of time, Serum aims to push players to discover how this vital liquid can prolong their existence, amplify their abilities, and enhance their hand crafted arsenal of weaponry.

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