Another Fan-Made ‘Dead Space’ Demake is Taking Shape [Video]

Remember Rustic Games BR’s “demake” of Dead Space? Another indie developer has decided to put together a Dead Space demake of their own. And unlike Rustic Games’ version, this one is intended to be playable!

Much like the Rustic’s effort, developer Fraser Brumley has gone the PS1-styled route for his Dead Space demake, in all its wobbly polygonal goodness. Fraser has managed to remain faithful to the original version of Dead Space with this project , cramming in not only the minimalist UI, but also the dismemberment aspect. Let’s be honest: this demake would feel very out of place if it didn’t include dealing with Necromorphs in this fashion.

Sadly, as good as this is, Fraser stresses that demake won’t run on original PS1 hardware (which would be mind-blowing if it did). However, that’s a small price to pay for getting something that looks to be a cool send-up to Dead Space.

Fraser hasn’t indicated just when the Dead Space demake will be completed, or when it’ll be available to play. You can hit up his Patreon if you’d like to chip in. Of course, it also depends on EA. Fingers crossed that they’re lenient with this effort, and don’t squash it.

Motive Studio’s Dead Space remake is available now for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Check out our take, if you missed it.

Thanks to Time Extension for the heads up.

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