‘Alone in the Dark’ Now Available on PC, Consoles [Trailer]

Just in case you missed it, Pieces Interactive and THQ Nordic have unleashed the return of the granddaddy of Survival Horror today with Alone in the Dark. Your journey into Lovecraftian horror and madness begins on PC via Steam, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5.

A reimagining of the 1992 Infogrames classic, Alone in the Dark is set in the gothic American south in the 1920’s, in the haunting Derceto Manor, where players take on the roles of Emily Hardwood and Edward Carnby, portrayed by Jodie Comer (FreeGuy, Killing Eve) and David Harbour (Stranger Things, Hellboy). Together, they must unravel the disappearance of Emily’s uncle, delving deep into the secrets that shroud the manor’s dark past. Along with solving puzzles, you’ll have to confront the terrifying entities that inhabit the manor along the way to uncover the truth.

And just in case you need further convincing, you can check out Harrison’s take on Alone in the Dark. Harrison remarks that apart from some minor issues, the reimagining “clearly understands and respects its heritage”, and is one that you should definitely check out “if you have an affinity for classic survival horror.”

And yes, if you hardcore fans haven’t already done so, you can pick up the Digital Deluxe Edition of Alone in the Dark.

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