‘All Hallows’ Eve: Trickster’ Opens Up Halloween Hell on Tubi Today; Watch the Trailer Here

The All Hallows’ Eve franchise, which introduced the world to the iconic slasher Art the Clown way back in 2013, is back with brand new installment All Hallows’ Eve: Trickster.

From Ruthless Studios, All Hallows’ Eve: Trickster is now streaming on TubiTV.

Exclusively watch the official trailer down below.

This latest entry into the anthology franchise, which prides itself on spotlighting the hard work of the indie horror community, shines the spotlight on a brand-new crop of filmmakers.

All Hallows’ Eve: Trickster features a collection of short films curated by one of the producers of the indie horror blockbuster, Terrifier 2Steve Barton, alongside Horrible Imaginings Film Festival executive director Miguel Rodriguez. In the new movie…

“When a lost traveler comes across an isolated rural gas station on Halloween night, she thinks she’s found her way home. Unbeknownst to her, the eerie gas station is the residence of a family of degenerate, devilish creatures. As the night descends into a hellish nightmare, the young woman becomes the center of an occult ritual featuring the devil himself.”

“During the early days of my career, my focus was always cheerleading the world of indie horror and its talented filmmakers. Getting a chance to continue to do so by breathing new life into some cool projects was an opportunity I couldn’t resist,” says Barton. “After a short film completes its festival run, it usually ends up languishing somewhere online with no one to watch it. From now on, the All Hallows’ Eve franchise will be a place for these movies to thrive and for these filmmakers to get the notice that they have so richly earned.”

C.E.O. of Ruthless Pictures, Jesse Baget, says, “Steve and Miguel have become two of the most trusted names in the horror genre. It was a pleasure working with them to scare up some new shivers for fans!”

Baget continues, “Showcasing the work of indie filmmakers and giving their projects a place to shine outside of the various online platforms is vital for the trajectory of the horror genre. As we advance, the overall plan for the All Hallows’ Eve franchise is to create a shared universe where all of these monsters, maniacs, and spooky fun stuff can coexist.”

Directors for All Hallows’ Eve: Trickster include Evan Tramel, Mike Hickey, Jean-Paul Disciscio, Dan Lazarovits, Evan Gorski, and Francisco Lacerda.

The cast includes Mallory Fisher, Ann Marie Shea, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Alen Kolenovic, Tyler Steelman, and Francisco Lopes.

Steve Barton, Jesse Baget, and Miguel Rodriguez produce.

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