5 Horror Movies We Can’t Wait to See at the Sundance Film Festival

Another Sundance Film Festival commences with a slew of new genre premieres awaiting discovery. 2022 marks the second consecutive year for the festival’s virtual edition, making it easier than ever to check out the selection. Especially with individual tickets available.

Sundance is the premiere film festival in the United States and has previously shined a light on countless horror favorites that include MandyRelicThe Night HouseHereditaryThe WitchThe Babadook, and many more.

This year’s Sundance features horror across all categories, ensuring a robust lineup of genre titles. Here are five we absolutely can’t wait to see.


Rebecca Hall impressed at last year’s Sundance with The Night House. Could she do it again with Resurrection?

 In this thriller, Hall plays Margaret, a woman whose tight control over her life threatens to unravel with the arrival of someone from her past. It unearths horrors long evaded.


Sara’s a constant target of bullying, and fleeing from the latest round of abuse sends her on a long walk home, alone, where she bears witness to an unspeakable act.

Sara must choose whether to act or not in this killer morality tale.

You Won’t Be Alone

Noomi Rapace stars in this period horror movie set in 19th century Macedonia, in which a feral witch decides to try life in someone else’s skin. Literally.

We can expect this one to adhere closer to existential horror over more conventional fare.


Chloe Okuno’s (V/H/S/94’s “Storm Drain”) feature debut stars It FollowsMaika Monroe as a woman who can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched.

It so happens that a serial killer is actively stalking the city—all sounds like perfect ingredients for a tension-filled psychological thriller.

Something in the Dirt

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s latest suggests another genre-bender bender centered around an oddball duo, much like the charming Resolution.

Neighbors John and Levi witness supernatural events in their Los Angeles apartment building, and they attempt to document it for fame. It leads them down a strange, dark rabbit hole.

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