10 Characters from 2022 Horror Movies to Dress Up as This Halloween

Still in search of a costume for Halloween? It’s been a tremendous year for horror so far, including the return of horror icons Ghostface, Leatherface, Predator, and Pinhead. But it also means a broad range of new and contemporary characters that provide plenty of Halloween inspiration. Considering the holiday is just around the corner, we’re rounding up ten horror movies with unforgettable, scene-stealing characters worth dressing up as this Halloween. 

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for ideas beyond perennial horror favorites. Here are ten horror movies delivering fun and terrifying Halloween 2022 costume ideas! 

Esther – Orphan: First Kill

Orphan First Kill review

All you need to pull off this costume is a ribbon around your neck, a dress, pigtails, and a whole lot of attitude. The little murderess captured the hearts of many in this prequel, especially when she embraced the camp. Bonus points if you weave Esther’s love of black light painting into your costume getup.

Shawn – Deadstream

halloween 2022 deadstream

Deadstream opens with a Halloween introduction to YouTube influencer Shawn (Joseph Winter), in attire that feels at home with Spirit Halloween store’s Pumpkin Suit, but in a lower brow way. The jack-o-lantern attire makes an excellent choice for the underachiever or the jokester type. Easy to pull off? Check? Holiday appropriate? Check. Silly? Check, check, check. Add paper ghosts or a ghoulish ghost hand with gnarled fingernails for effect. If you’d rather be the avenging ghost, Melanie Stone’s Chrissy makes for an even stronger option.

Jack Russell – Werewolf by Night

A werewolf’s dual nature provides two paths for Halloween inspiration here. You could choose Jack Russell’s hairy Wolf Man form for that classic Halloween look. Or you could dress as his more meek but still cool human side, complete with face markings that hint at his ancestry and past. Both would fit in well at a Halloween party.

Pearl – Pearl or X

halloween 2022 pearl costume

You have multiple options to choose from when it comes to this unhinged killer. Ti West’s Pearl sees the young erstwhile starlet losing it over failed attempts to break free from her hometown, offering up plenty of stylish gowns or easy-to-pull-off farmhouse looks. Ti West’s X might appeal to the more experienced cosplayer; an aged Pearl is far creepier. Both iterations can wield a mean pitchfork.

Naru – Prey

halloween 2022 prey costume

Amber Midthunder’s Comanche hunter Naru outwitted a Predator and looked insanely cool doing it. Using the Predator’s neon green blood as war paint? The coolest. So much so that it makes Naru’s spot on this list a no brainer. Bonus points if you have a Predator head to carry around.

The Grabber – The Black Phone

ethan hawke horror

If there’s one staple to Halloween costumes, it’s the mask. And The Black Phone‘s central antagonist wears arguably the most iconic horror mask of the year. The Grabber’s mask, which can be worn multiple ways, was designed by Tom Savini and Jason Baker, making it an easy choice for the horror fan. 

Jupiter’s Claim Aliens – Nope

Nope alien doll

One of Nope‘s biggest scares occurred in the Haywood ranch stable, where OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) finds himself petrified one night when eerie visitors invade. After a massive fright, OJ realizes it’s his neighbor’s kids dressed in the Alien costumes inspired by the merchandise from Jupiter’s Claim western theme park. Bring a quintessential Halloween look into 2022 with this cinematic version. Trick or Treat Studios offers masks and hands for this one.

Ear Man – Crimes of the Future

Surgery is the new sex in David Cronenberg’s latest. Or rather, body modifications and surgery have become performance art, resulting in a variety of interesting characters and moments. For the ambitious, Ear Man will make a show-stopping costume at any event. If that’s too ambitious, adding extra appendages or gnarly gashes all over your face will make you fit right at home with this peculiar world.

Scarecrow – The Cursed

It’s not the werewolf that unsettles in this period horror movie, but a nightmarish scarecrow tied to the central curse. Both the horror genre and Halloween could use more terrifying scarecrows, and a scary scarecrow always makes for a good Halloween costume.

Art the Clown or Sienna – Terrifier 2

halloween 2022 terrifier

Here’s a two-for-the-price-of-one idea: the unnervingly ghoulish Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) or the stunning Valkyrie attire of Final Girl Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera). Terrifier 2 has quickly become the conversation starter of October, both for its box office success and ability to test audience gag reflexes. Its central characters also serve up fierce looks, making both Art and Sienna a perfect choice for Halloween 2022. 

Bonus: M3GAN

While M3GAN won’t be out until January 2023, its eponymous killer doll certainly caught our attention in the trailer. So consider this costume idea a bonus for the trendsetter or those looking to get ahead on Halloween 2023. The caveat: you will be expected to show off some dance moves with this costume. So be prepared.

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