Konami: Kojima Not Involved With ‘Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater’, Future Remakes of ‘Metal Gear’ Titles Possible

After the big reveal last week of Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater (not Triangle!), you’re probably wondering about the remake’s details. Namely, if series creator Hideo Kojima is involved with it, and if the team behind Metal Gear Solid Δ are working on additional Metal Gear Solid remakes. IGN sat down with the team to discuss just that and more.

For starters, if you had any lingering thoughts that Kojima was involved, he’s not. Neither is Yoji Shinkawa, whose art graced the Metal Gear Solid series since the first game, and is now working with Kojima at Kojima Productions. “They are not involved,” a Konami spokesperson said. The same spokesperson did say that the new development team “will work hard to create this remake”, as well as the ports for the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection that was also announced at the same time as the Snake Eater remake.

Said development team is made up of Konami developers who have been “involved in the production of the past [games in the] Metal Gear series.” They’ll be teaming up with Virtuos, which has been involved in several acclaimed projects over the years (such as Dark Souls Remastered), as well as involvement in previous entries in the Metal Gear series.

As to why the team chose Metal Gear Solid 3 as the first to be remade, Konami said that the decision was made due to it being the birth of BIG BOSS (Naked Snake), “which is the starting point of the Metal Gear series.”

As for if Konami has plans to remake the other games in the series, they was coy on the subject, but did say that “we will listen to player demand and consider accordingly.”

And as for Metal Gear Solid Δ‘s name, Konami chose the delta symbol because of its meaning with the concept of the remake. “Delta is a character from the Greek alphabet that means ‘change’ or ‘difference’ in mathematics and variables, and also has the meaning of changing an amount without changing the structure.”

Konami also made sure to point out that it wasn’t going to update or alter the story in the remake, and that yes, the original cast will be used for

Metal Gear Solid Δ is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series.


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